Tools for glass and ceramics


What you will find in our offer?

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with an assortment of diamond tools for cutting, grinding, drilling, profiling and polishing of all types of glass and ceramics.
Depending on the needs of the workpiece we prepare tools of various shapes and sizes from a range of gradation of the diamond, and various degrees of hardness binders (metal and resin.):

Our offer:

  • tools for glass: business, lighting, artistic, flat, and an optical:

The main group of tools represent the cutting wheels and drill bits for glass.
Depending on the material to be cut, We distinguish targets with diamond band from the embankment continuous-smooth, which provides a good quality cut (no chips material) and long life of work tools. The pad is used for all kinds of glass. Glass processing business we dial with diamond band from the embankment continuous-turbo, which ensures fast cutting and short-time work.

We also provide drill bits with different wall thicknesses embankment diamond. Selection of the optimum achieves a very good surface quality of the drill hole.

  • tools for ceramics with metallic binders:

The assortment of tools make blades for cutting ceramic floor tiles and a wide range of diameters drills able to execute the proper hole. We also offer tools for profiling strips of ceramic, suitable shape and smoothing the edge of the ceramic tiles used for finishing.

With our tools use both production plants as well as enterprises specializing in the machining of ceramics (cutting, drilling, profiling).

Why are our tools?

By using high-quality diamond and different degrees of hardness binder, our products guarantee high quality processing of materials used in the glass and ceramics industry.

Tools Diamtronic characterized by high durability. Long service life and abrasion resistance guarantees excellent results when processing even at high speeds.

A wide range of diamond grit allows you to get the best quality cut without causing szczerbienia edge material. High quality diamond grain used for optimum cutting speed, resulting in quick processing time of the material. All of these characteristics contribute to the possibility of widespread use of our tool depending on the treatment of glass or ceramics.

Why work with us?

Diamtronic combines modern technology with high-quality diamond tools. We always offer advice when choosing the optimal tools, providing additional professional maintenance services. Performance of the contract is carried out immediately. Goods are delivered the next day to the address indicated in the whole country through courier.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our product range, as detailed in product catalogs. You can also contact by phone or e-mail, We answer all questions and make proposals for new solutions.