precision tools






What you will find in our offer?

We offer a wide range of precision diamond and CBN tools used for machining the surface of various materials. They are used for grinding, polishing, cutting and drilling steel, carbide, profiling grinding and milling and materials of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and non-metallic.

A wide range of precision tools create, among others,: roll Diamond, Diamond and CBN grinding wheels and plated. In our offer we also have the PCD plates (polikrystaliczny diament) and tiles PCBN (polikrystaliczny azotek boru). We make tools of various shapes, gradations and hardness suited to the requirements of your project.

The bodies wheels are made of copper, aluminum or steel,. To the body they are included embankments diamond or CBN (CBN). The effective treatment of a wide range of materials provide appropriate binding methods (adhesives), which are provided to mount the abrasive grains on the surface of the tool until the dulled. They are used binders: metallic, Resin, Ceramic and plated.

Thanks to the combination of high technology and rich experience, our products are used in many industries automotive, air, utility and optical.

Why are our tools?

All tools are manufactured using the highest quality abrasives. Diament i borazon (CBN) They belong to the super-hard materials, They exhibit much greater hardness and strength than traditional abrasives such alumina or silicon carbide. CBN in terms of hardness is second only to diamond, It consists of boron and nitrogen compounds. The hardest material found in nature is a diamond, consisting of atoms in the crystalline form. In the production of grinding tools for both diamond and CBN prepared synthetically, which additionally allows transmission of different abrasive.

Diamond and CBN grain is very hard and due to its characteristics cutting is much more resistant to blunting, providing an increased service life of working tools. Diamond and CBN abrasives do not compete with each other, but they complement each other, finding its application depending on the workpiece. Thanks to our offer of products creates a coherent whole guaranteeing:

  • excellent wear properties,
  • improving the quality of the treated surface material,
  • maintain accurate dimensions,
  • no deformation shapes,
  • increased tool life,
  • reduced processing time material,
  • reducing labor costs.

Why work with us?

Diamtronic combines modern technological solutions corresponding to customer expectations. Showcase of the company is to provide high quality precision tools, while ensuring their attractive price. Our products are designed both for mass production and are created for individual projects.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our product range, as detailed in product catalogs. You can also contact by phone or e-mail, We answer all questions and make proposals for new solutions.

In our offer we have not found the perfect tool for your project? Tell us about it, and we create them for you.

After analyzing the data concerning the tender specifications, We create a precision tool for gradation, binder and required dimensions tailored to your needs. We guarantee satisfaction with cooperation with us.