Standard tools for the construction industry


What you will find in our offer?

Many years of experience in the industry and the use of high-quality diamond technology made it possible to prepare a wide range of range of tools dedicated to the construction industries, road and the stone. Products Standard, are treated asphalt, fresh / old concrete and stone (cutting, grinding, profiling, milling and polishing). The assortment of tools form a diamond discs, drill bits, diamond segments, cutters and diamond polishing tools.

The main group of standard tools in the field of diamond technology are a professional diamond blades with metallic binders, different quality classes for each type of construction. We shields soldered silver strength to temperatures up to 600º C, discs sintered to 800 º C and soldered laser discs to 1200º C. Discs are designed to work on wet and dry (except for the solder to silver – work on wet).

Depending on the grade of the product will get a different quality and cutting speed, as well as durability and tool life. All but combines exceptional resistance to wear and tear,.

They characterized by the highest quality diamond blades class TREX. The use of technology poukładanego diamond segment, increases cutting speed of at least 30% and ensures extended life work tool 50% in relation to the standard program. Diamond cutters are adapted to electric, exhaust and for table saws.

Why are our tools?

A wide and diverse range of our tools allows you to select the appropriate class of product, depending on the planned budget and the desired effect works. Technical solutions for highest performance, making them very economical.

Selection of the appropriate gradation of the diamond and metallic binder allows you to get the best results when cutting, grinding and drilling. Properly prepared and precisely executed cut help to minimize the risk of cracking or material szczerbienia. They minimize the effect of dust, which significantly affects the rate, safety and quality of work.

The use of tools not only guarantees perfect performance of individual tasks, but also maximum comfort in the course of work, which ensures quiet operation tools.

Why work with us?

We offer tools are the products tested, where high quality and functionality streamlines carry many demanding construction work. Reliable quality of our tools reflects the long-term cooperation with customers satisfied with our service.

We always help to choose the right type of blade to cut material, taking into account the diameter of the disc, engine power and the kind of processed material. So we have total confidence, we supply high quality tools, that meet the customer's expectations.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our product range, as detailed in product catalogs. You can also contact by phone or e-mail, We answer all questions and make proposals for new solutions. We guarantee satisfaction with cooperation with us.